The Polar Bear: Rider of Icebergs

The Polar Bear: Rider of Icebergs
The Polar Bear: Rider of Icebergs

Legendary industrial actor, shut pal of Santa Claus, and explorer of the North, the Polar Bear is nothing if not the image of Arctic life. Their Latin title, Ursus maritimus, interprets to sea bear and gives nice perception into how they reside. As apex predators, polar bears spend a number of time searching in and round Arctic waters for his or her prey, their favorite of which is the ringed seal. Polar bears are recognisable by their white coat and their massive dimension. Males are inclined to weigh between 350-600 kilograms whereas females will weigh between 150-290 kilograms, each will be over 10 ft tall when standing. Their our bodies are made to face up to all of the chilly that the Arctic local weather has to supply, as their two layers of fur and thick layer of blubber supply them greater than sufficient heat to outlive – typically even an excessive amount of heat for the summers!

Other than the massive display screen, polar bears reside throughout the Arctic area, significantly in 5 nations: Canada, the US, Greenland, Russia, and Norway. As such, polar bears symbolize historical past for a lot of peoples throughout the Arctic. For millennia, varied indigenous teams have counted on polar bears as key contributors to their methods of life. They’re nonetheless hunted at present as a part of their long-held traditions, however the course of may be very monitored and respectful of the prey. Almost each a part of a polar bear is utilized by the hunters, whether or not for weather-appropriate clothes or for calorie-rich meals. Many laws have been imposed on the hunters, serving to guard polar bear populations from being threatened by direct human motion.

So what’s the difficulty?

In accordance with each SARA and COSEWIC, polar bears are a species of particular concern. Though efficient in curbing over-hunting, the laws don’t handle the principle menace polar bears face; local weather change. Polar bears depend on sea ice as their habitat. This has traditionally labored very properly for them because it permits them loads of room for searching, however currently, with rising world temperatures because of local weather change, residing on the ice has turn into extra making an attempt for them. Totally different polar bear populations face completely different challenges, however among the many most threatened are these residing in areas of Seasonal Ice and Polar Basin Divergent Ice.
The existence of Seasonal Ice, because the title suggests, depends on the season because it melts in the summertime and start to return within the fall. When the ice melts it leaves polar bears unable to hunt, forcing them into a quick. Fasting is just not new to them, however the length of the soften is getting for much longer than it was, making it more difficult for polar bears to quick via longer summers. For Polar Basin Divergent Ice areas the challenges are comparable. The ocean ice builds up close to shores and can retract from the shores because it melts within the hotter months. Local weather change accelerates this course of and melts extra of the ice close to the shore. This forces the bears to both return to land the place they must quick or swimming additional out seeking extra ice. 

What can we do?

Crucial factor we will do to maintain polar bears secure is to assist environmental initiatives in authorities. Making inexperienced decisions from the top-down is crucial to preventing local weather change on a macro scale, and the easiest way to do that is to remain knowledgeable on the problems together with the candidates who advocate for them. On a extra private degree, supporting polar bear charities or conservation organisations goes a great distance in furthering analysis, and making eco-friendly choices in our day by day lives can push others to observe swimsuit.


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